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T‌his page lists the website's management methods‚ with particular reference to the processing of the personal data of users who visit the website. This report is issued according to Article. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 –Code on personal data protection – and Article 13 of GDPR 679/2016 – European Regulation on privacy – regarding individuals who visit the website‚ or who use the website’s services.

This report is provided exclusively for the website and not for any other website that may be visited by the user via the links on this website.

Data controller

T‌he data controller is Apartments Bruscia of Castlunger Maria‚ based in I-39030 La Villa Str. Ninz, 90.

Data processor

T‌he "data processor" is INTERPROMOTION Ltd‚ with registered office at 69 Str. Costadedoi‚ San Cassiano‚ 39036 (BZ).

The types of data that are processed

Web browsing data

D‌uring normal operation‚ some IT systems and software procedures acquire personal data for the operation of‚ the transmission of which is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
This information is not collected to be associated with specific individuals‚ but users could potentially be identified due to various processes and association with third-party data.
This data category includes the IP addresses of users connecting to the website‚ the URI addresses of the requested resources‚ the request time‚ the method used to submit the server request‚ the size of the resource obtained in response‚ the processing status of the request sent to the server and other parameters relating to the operating system‚ IT environment and connection established by the user.
These pieces of data are used solely to compile anonymous statistical information about the use of the website and to check that it is working correctly. This data may potentially be used to ascertain responsibility if a computer crime is committed against the site‚ otherwise all navigation data will be removed after twelve months.

Data voluntarily provided by users

T‌he recording of personal data‚ as well as sensitive data‚ on website pages specifically intended for service requests‚ access to restricted website areas‚ signing up to the newsletter‚ and the voluntary and explicit sending of emails to the addresses indicated on‚ involves the subsequent acquisition of data necessary for processing requests‚ as well as any other personal data that is entered.
An information summary will be displayed on the website pages that perform these actions.


W‌e do not use cookies to send any information of a personal nature. For more information about cookies‚ please refer to the cookies information section.

Web analytics uses Google Analytics‚ a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies.
For more information about Google Analytics‚ please refer to the cookies information section.
For more information about Google Analytics‚ please refer to Google's privacy policies.

The nature of the provision of data

E‌xcept when specified for navigational data‚ the user is free to provide or not provide the personal data requested by the relevant sections of the website aimed at service requests‚ as well as when in contact with our offices‚ when requesting a newsletter subscription‚ or when sending informative material and other communications.
Failure to provide said data may mean that we are unable to fulfil your request.

Data processing procedures

P‌ersonal data is processed using both automated and manual methods for the length of time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected.
Data processing will be carried out by members of Apartments Bruscia of Castlunger Maria‚ the persons in charge of the sales department‚ our administration employees or our technical employees‚ in line with their various areas of competence.
Specific security measures have been put in place in order to prevent the distribution‚ illicit or incorrect use of data‚ as well as unauthorised access.

Reasons for processing data

C‌ollected data is processed for the following reasons:

  • Sensitive data that is voluntarily provided by the user‚ with the prior written consent of the user‚ is used in order to offer a service suitable to the user’s indicated needs.
  • Data that is voluntarily provided by the user via the appropriate request page is used in order to check availability at our facility according to the conditions provided by the user and possibly in order to make a reservation.
  • Data that is voluntarily provided by the user is used in order to periodically send email newsletters containing promotional offers‚ as well as changes to rates and services offered by the company.

Data storage times

P‌ersonal data will be kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which said data was originally collected and subsequently processed and for will be stored pursuant to applicable legislation.
Users can request to stop processing their data at any time‚ as well as the deletion or limitation of said data.

Dissemination of data

A‌ny user data that is in our possession will be stored at our company premises and will only be seen by the appointed individuals. User data will therefore not be disclosed to third parties.

Rights of interested parties

T‌he subjects of personal data have the right to obtain confirmation about whether or not said data exists and to know its content and source‚ to verify its accuracy and to request that it is rectified or updated (Article 7 of the Code on the Protection of Personal Data).
According to this document‚ you have the right to request the deletion‚ anonymization‚ or blocking of your data processed in violation of the law‚ and‚ in all situations‚ to oppose its use for legitimate reasons.
Requests should be sent to:

  • by email:
  • by letter: Apartments Bruscia of Castlunger Maria‚ based in Str. Ninz, 90‚ I-39030 La Villa

Cookie Policy uses cookies. Cookies are pieces of data that are stored on a user's device during navigation. Their purpose is to make websites work more effectively and to enable certain features. They also allow us to track users who are browsing a website.
By changing your browser settings‚ you can delete‚ limit or deactivate cookies. By disabling cookies‚ however‚ the website may not function properly‚ and some features may not be accessible.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies

T‌hese cookies allow us to improve the services we provide and are an integral part of our website. They are therefore always used‚ unless the user changes their browser settings to disable their functionality. Please find information on how to change your browser settings below.
The user's prior consent is not required for the use of technical cookies.

Analysis/performance cookies

A‌nalysis/performance cookies allow for the collection of information for statistical purposes regarding the number of visits that the website receives and how users navigate the website.
If data is collected anonymously‚ the user's consent is not required for the use of these cookies.

Profile cookies

T‌his type of cookie allows users to be profiled so that we can offer targeted advertisements based on the user’s preferences during navigation. does not use first-party profiling cookies‚ but may use third-party profiling cookies‚ which are detailed below.
The user must consent to the use of this type of cookie‚ as indicated in this document.

Third-party cookies

T‌‌hese are cookies (technical‚ analysis/performance or profiling) managed by a third party that does not correspond with the owner of the website.
We will list the third-party cookies that can be used on the website in this document‚ as required by current legislation‚ as well as a link to eacg third-party website listing relevant information and how to block them.

Cookie session times

C‌‌ookies can be divided into two categories:

  • Session cookies: these are deleted every time the user closes the browser.
  • Persistent cookies: these are not deleted when the browser is closed but have a pre-set expiration date that varies depending on the cookie’s functionality.

Cookies used by the website

Technical cookies
Analysis/performance cookies

T‌he site uses Google Analytics‚ a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Google") which installs persistent (third-party) cookies on
Google uses personal data in order to track and examine the use of the website by users‚ and compile reports on the activities carried out on the website. Google may also give this information to third parties where required by law or where such third parties process the aforementioned information on behalf of Google‚ it does not associate the data collected with any other stored data.
For more information on Google Analytics cookies you can visit Google’s dedicated page and its privacy policy.

Third-party cookies

B‌elow are the third-party cookies that can be used by the site.

Managing cookies

I‌t is possible to disable or limit the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. Here are the links to instructions to do so for individual browsers:

T‌he information contained in this document was written in May 2018

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